It Helps Acquiring That Critical Mass Of Players- Facebook Is A Godsend For Hidden Object Games Publishers

chess-game infoWhenever increasing rank on Apple App Store and after completely small amount of months of launching the newest games, they are amongst the top common and mobile game publishers in the hidden object genre, Renatus Media, LLC tells its success novel -its games are trending on Facebook.

Renatus’ modern games experienced very much growth in the course of October, 2013 that by November, 2 of its hidden object titles gained nearly 365,000 monthly active players.

Head of Game Partnerships at Facebook, “the platform attracts developers and publishers of newest cross platform games like in no circumstances , until today, as stated with the help of Sean Ryan. Now pay attention please. It lets acquiring that critical mass of players, which are used to promote game on mobile platforms. In his interview at GamesBeat conference 2013, Sean marked Ravenhill Asylum as an emerging modern games on Facebook for its, “unusual hidden mixture object genre with a horror style.

Dream: Hidden travelling is currently awaiting its Facebook release, yet shows promising results on the App Store. Within the 1st 3 weeks after iOS version launched in October, Dream’s download rankings crossed the 50th mark in game categories: “puzzle”, “adventure” and “housekeeping”. In October, Dream ranked as 52nd top grossing “household” games in the United States.

On top of that, mark Watt, Renatus governor Media, LLC commented, “We have 5 hidden object games in for agesside nearly 30 casual and “mid core” titles. We’re excited about the newest searched for success. Thank you Facebook for supporting us!

Renatus Media, LLC is a public and mobile games publishing entrepreneur founded in 2012 with headquarters based in Palo Alto, California as well as US. Renatus publishing portfolio includes almost 30 games representing such genres as RPG, hidden object, casino or match3. Generaly, publisher targets worldwide players on extremely famous society mobile platforms: iOS, Facebook and Android. In any event, in 2013 middle Renatus increased its audience to 10+ million monthly active users.

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